Our products

INTERFERT is specialized in the B to B trading of raw materials to be used in the manufacturing of biological and organic-mineral fertilisers. Interfert gives preference to sulfate fertilisers over nitrates so as to avoid sources of pollution and thus protect the environment. INTERFERT possess a license number delivered by the Ministry of agriculture which allows it to work all products of animal origin.
More generally we follow very closely the changes in the norms and the laws existing in the European Union.
We dispose of products which bring to plants their principal nutritional elements such as: N; P; K; SO3; MGO; CAO; …

Chemical, mineral and organic-mineral products

• Ammonium-sulfate /CAN 27% /ASS
• Potassium mineral sulfate
• Urea 46% (granulated and pearled)
• Magnesium sulfate
• Natural Phosphate
• Gypse -DAP/PSP
• Azote Solutions and liquid fertilisers
• Binary salts ….


Biological products of animal and/or vegetal origin

• Potassium sulfate de potasse, potassium salts
• Beetroot vinasses
• Phosphate d'os
• Guano
• Horns and hoofs
• Blood
• Leather powder
• Fruit pulp
• Cocoa-shells
• Lithotome
• Vegetable cakes


Animal Foodstuffs

INTERFERT is also involved in B to B in animal foodstuffs.
• Proteines, Flour
• Fats, Tallow
INTERFERT, on request finds sources of products adapted to the needs of customers for mixtures.


Biomass, Methanization, Cogeneration

For some years with the input of new energies INTERFERT assists the development by bringing its skills to the production of new co-products. INTERFERTacts as an advisor in this way, selling co-products and betting on the future of these new technologies.

Various Products

• Salts
INTERFERT is on the market as a provider of different quality salts for human and animal consumption as well as for industry.


Fertilsers for loisirs

INTERFERT offers a range of fertilisers specifically for use in golf-courses, parks gardens, and sports fields These are slow release fertilisers adapted to intensive use on highly varied soils.