Our business

INTERFERT is the specialist in B to B trading of raw materials to be used in the manufacturing of biological and organic-mineral fertilisers.
Contrary to broking firms, INTERFERT buys the raw materials, finances them, transports them, stocks them, if need be, and delivers them to the end customer. Our suppliers are major companies who seek a reliable, long term in order to add value their industry's co-products.
Our customers are private companies, co-operatives whose job is to transform and mix the materials.

Our team is versatile and reactive so we cans answer all requests. We have created over long years a privileged relationship with our partners and work together in good trust. We guarantee the quality of our services in the carrying out of our contracts.

Our international activities bring us in contact with many different countries and areas in the world. We master7 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian) This helps us understand the specifics of each country. (Traditions and customs, legislation etc…)

Logistics and everything concerning transport have become over the years a strategic parameter INTERFERT has developed partnerships with transport and logistics companies so as be in a position to offer a consistently reliable high quality service.
Transport adapts to the products and distances covered.
We use road, river and maritime transport, controlling our costs and at the same time supplying the service demanded by our customers.
It is important to use the shortest and most regular routes possible so as to reduce the charge generated by the costs of logistics.
Interfert est reactive and peut très of s. rapidement apporter le service demandé par la clientèle
For some years now INTERFERT has acted as a counselor to major companies anxious to optimize the quality and the commercial outlets of their future co-products.
We master the skills needed for the study and assist proactively any major company who so wishes, in a manner respectful of ruling norms and the general environment.
To this end we direct the matters produced towards those industries able to give them the best added value throughout the year whilst taking into account the seasonal variations of each type of product.